Behaviour for Learning

General Principles underpinning Behaviour For Learning at MCMA
Behaviour for Learning at MCMA is based upon an ethos that generates a positive environment for those who work and learn within it. Central to this ethos are the elements of choices, chances & consequences.
At MCMA all students are expected to behave in a way that creates an environment where;
  • staff can teach to the highest standard
  • students can learn and achieve to their maximum potential.
  • all members of the Academy Community can work in a safe place
  • staff, students, parents, governors and visitors can enjoy and be proud of their association with MCMA.

The Positive Behaviour Management of our young people is most effective when a true partnership exists between school and home. Together we can make MCMA extremely successful, an Academy which we are all proud to belong to and an Academy where everyone enjoys attending.

The concept behind Positive Behaviour for Learning.
As individuals we all choose how to act. However, it is important that we all recognise that for every Choice or Action there is a Consequence.
A consequence is an outcome that arises as a direct result of the way we act.
At MCMA, consequences are issued by staff, not punishments. Students are in control of their own actions and if they have chosen to act in a certain way these actions will be the catalyst for the consequence to be given. Consequences are issued in relation to a student’s actions.
Behaviour Management in practice.
In lessons where a teacher feels that a student is not behaving in an acceptable manner he/she will be issued with a C1 (The first consequence issued as a direct result of a negative behaviour). This is a warning that the student needs to modify/change the way that he/she is behaving.
If the student chooses to ignore this warning and does not modify their attitude or behaviour the teacher will issue a C2 (The second consequence, a result of further negative behaviour). This is the student’s final warning!
Should he/she continue to behave in a way that the teacher feels is unacceptable the teacher will issue a C3.( The third consequence, a result of continued negative behaviour, despite two chances to modify his/her actions). This will mean that the student will now automatically be issued with an after school detention. This will take place under the supervision of Pastoral Staff. Under normal circumstances the Academy will attempt to facilitate the detention two days after the teacher has issued the C3. However, it is important to state that in law the Academy are not obliged to provide any notice in relation to a detention being issued and in some situations it may be that a “no notice detention” will be issued.  Where notice is given the student will be issued with a letter informing them of the exact date when the detention is to due take place.
Once a teacher issues a C3 this cannot be changed.
All detentions run from 3:05pm until 4:05pm.
They will always last for 1 hour.
Should students arrive a few minutes late, they will at the very least make the time up at the end of the detention. However, if they are more than fifteen minutes late or are continually late he/she may be issued with another C3!
If students talk or display negative behaviour during the detention they will be issued with a warning. Should they fail to modify their behaviour they will complete the detention standing up and will remain behind at the end of the session for a minimum of fifteen minutes.
Students who do not attend a detention will receive an immediate C4 Isolation.
All students who receive a C4 Isolation for missing a detention will complete a detention on the evening immediately following their day in Isolation.
If a student is absent from the Academy on the day of their detention he/she will attend the detention on their next day in the Academy.
Note :- For issues regarding equipment for lessons i.e. Books, PE kit etc all students have been verbally warned in the first week of term that these are essential learning ingredients within specific areas. This warning constitutes a C1 for all students. Therefore, when a student forgets their book or PE kit etc, on the next occasion they will be issued with a C2 and on the following occasion a C3.
At Manchester Creative and Media Academy we passionately believe that all students can be successful if they show real effort and determination to do their best. We celebrate success and applaud effort and determination whenever our students really go ‘the extra mile’ to be the best that they can be. This may be shown in lessons, in extra-curricular activities, through homework, through helping others or through any contribution to the rich life of our Academy.
We use a variety of positive rewards for all students to celebrate their achievements in lessons and out of lessons.
Students are issued Achievement Points which they can use to buy equipment and other items at the student shop. Points are allocated to students in the ‘5Ps’ below, which were suggested by our students during a student voice activity:
PROUD – Full uniform, well presented work, a good representative of the academy
PREPARED – All equipment/kit/ingredients, ready to learn
POLITE – Courteous, helpful, respectful
POSITIVE – Resilient, perseveres, keeps trying
PUNCTUAL – To school and to all lessons
Achievement Points are also issued for:
ATTENDANCE – 97% to 100% attendance to lessons for the week
EXTRA-CURRICULAR – participation in extra-curricular activities
and by Form Tutors, Heads of Year and the Principal for students who have demonstrated our ethos of ‘working together for the best in everyone’.
Students with full attendance for the year and good conduct are invited to attend our end of year reward trip. We also regularly hold assemblies and award events during the year where we celebrate the achievements of our students including success in lessons, exemplary attendance and living the academy ethos.
We believe in notifying parents and carers about their child’s achievements and our staff will do this via praise postcards, congratulatory letters and telephone calls home.