British Values

What are “British Values”?
  • Understanding what Democracy is
  • Understanding what “the law” is and why we have it
  • Having “individual liberty”
  • Having respect for yourself and others
  • Respecting those with different faiths and beliefs
  • How do we promote “British Values”?
We offer a wide range of opportunities, which include:
  • Assemblies which explore a range of areas above and have our Academy values of Respect, Commitment and Trust at their heart
  • PSHE for all Year groups and a broad and balanced curriculum including “You and Your Beliefs”
  • A Student Parliament that enables pupils to express their views and who are voted in democratically
  • Consistent and Clear Behaviour for Learning Policy written in consultation with the Student Parliament
  • Adoption of Restorative approaches that help to resolve situations that may arise
  • Having a rigorous commitment to student safety through our Safeguarding procedures and our Health and Safety procedures
  • Celebrating diversity across our community through a variety of events including themed menus, the curriculum and assemblies
  • Offering extra-curricular Trips and visits that develop individual talent and contribute to school life
Please read the following booklet to help you understand what our British Values are and how we promote these at the Academy.