Rationale “Working Together For The Best In Everyone”
  • The highest aspiration for all students to achieve and succeed in their future lives
  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum
  • For all our students to have the same opportunities
Subjects studied in Years 7 and 8
All our students in Years 7 and 8 study the following:
All Subjects English Maths Science Geography History Language ( French or Spanish) You and Your Belief Design & Technology Art IT Dance Drama Music PE PHSE
Subjects studied in Year 9
All our students in Year 9 study the following:
Years 9 English    Maths   Science  PE  PHSE
Students select subjects in Year 8 that they wish to study in Year 9. The purpose of this is to allow them to develop increased knowledge of subjects that they will then go on to study as options in Year 10 and 11.
Students choose any four subjects from the Option Block below
Option Block A History Geography Language ( French or Spanish) Computer Science Citizenship/RE
Students choose any three subjects from the Option Block below
Option Block B Dance Drama PE Music Food Technology Textiles Product Design Art ICT
Students have opportunities to go on subject related trips as well as               extra-curricular trips. There are many lunch time and after school clubs for students to enjoy and enrich their school experience.

Topics that are covered in lessons by each year group at KS3: