What is SMSC?
SMSC is at the heart of all that we do here at MCMA. It involves developing the whole person and ensuring that they are happy, secure, confident and valued. We believe that unless they are, they will not necessarily be able to achieve their full potential. SMSC stands for “Social”, “Moral” “Spiritual” and “Cultural” and development
Spiritual Development
  • allows learners to explore beliefs and experiences, respect values and discover themselves and their surrounding world.
  • It develops imagination and creativity.
Moral Development
  • allows learners to recognise right from wrong,
  • understand consequences of actions and
  • to evaluate moral and ethical issues and build reasoned arguments.
Social Development
  • allows learners to use social skills in different contexts.
  • It encourages learners to work well with others and
  • develop their ability to resolve conflicts.
Cultural Development
  • allows learners to appreciate cultural differences
  • It allows learners to participate in cultural opportunities and
  • to accept, respect and celebrate cultural diversity.
Please read the booklet below which will help you to understand how we as an Academy will help your child achieve this. When you visit the academy, you will see many displays which also relate to these areas.