Examinations and Revision

Revision is a skill that needs to be learnt. Throughout your child’s time at the academy, they will be asked to revise for regular assessments, but they will also have end of year examinations.
There are regular help and revision sessions on at different times during the academy day, so that your child can access any support that they may need. We advise all our pupils to make a revision timetable and to make sure that they understand any material before they start to revise it. If they do not, they can access further support from their subject teachers, academic mentors or other adults.
Year 11, revision sessions run both after school, before school, at lunchtime and in the holidays. Pupils are expected to attend directed sessions, but may also wish to attend additional sessions as well.
The information below was provided to our Key Stage 3 pupils at the start of the examination period, but also has some key information in for other year groups. Before any formal examination period, an examination timetable will be provided and prior to internal examinations, a list of topics to revise will also be released. For those students in Y11, this information can be found on the examination board’s website in the syllabus itself.