Manchester local offer

The Local Offer (Disability & Special Educational Needs)
The SEND Local Offer offers information for parents, in a single place.The Local Offer helps children, young people and their parents to understand what services and support they can expect from a range of local agencies - including their statutory entitlements.
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The Matching provision to need tool is provided by Manchester LEA and is used by most schools and academies within Manchester.
The Matching Provision to Need Tool has been developed to:
  • Support schools by setting out the levels of need and provision they are      responsible for which is funded from their notional SEND budget, 
  • Set out the level of need and provision that the Local Authority is responsible for and which is funded from a centrally retained budget out of which comes Element 3 funding and all agreements for temporary Element 3 funding.
The tool is separated into the four areas of need referred to in the SEND code of practice (2014).  These broad areas give an overview of the range of needs that should be planned for and are: 
• Cognition and Learning
• Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties
• Communication and interaction
• Sensory and/or Physical needs (in this tool Physical/Medical is followed by Sensory for hearing and visual needs) 
There is one MPNT tool for children and young people aged between 0 and 25 years but this is separated into three separate suites: 
• 0-5 years
• 5-14 years
• 14- 25 years 
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