The Academy aims to ensure that strategies and support are in place both for the academy day and extra curricular activities.  This is to enable the students to access all opportunities available inclusively so that they can make the best possible progress and focus on their present and future aspirations.
Quality First Teaching is delivered in which teachers differentiate to meet all the needs of the class.
The Learning Support Unit (LSU) supports teachers and encompasses support for students who have Special Educational Needs, disabilities and English as an Additional Language.  Opportunities for support are based on the individual needs of the student and promote independence wherever possible.
Teaching Assistants work in a classroom, small group or individual setting to provide targeted intervention for an identified group of students and work closely with teaching and other associate staff to ensure that students maintain full access to the curriculum.  We also offer support at breaks and lunch time and an informal social space at these times.
As we recognise that extended learning can sometimes become challenging, the LSU offers after school support every evening in which time any student can come to access adult help with any aspect of their learning.
As a result of this, students at MCMA feel safe and know who to go to for help, support and guidance.
If you would like to get in touch with our SENCO please see the contact details below:
Name:  Samantha Norbury      Email address:  snorbury@mcmacademy.coop     Telephone:  0161 681 1592