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Welcome to the Performing Arts Department. We offer a range of qualifications in Dance and Performing Arts that allow students to prepare for further education and the world of work. Please feel free to browse our page for further information.  We offer AQA GCSE Dance to KS4 students. The course offers a range of topics including choreography, performance and understanding Dance.
Type of course:   GCSE
How is the course assessed?
30% of GCSE
40 marks (15 marks for set phrases and 25 marks for duet/trio performance)
30% of GCSE
40 marks
Total component 60%
40% of GCSE      
Written exam:  1 hour 30 minutes
80 marks  
What topics/ units will you study?
Dance appreciation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Who would this course suit? What skills do you need?
Someone who can work in a contemporary dance style, who can choreograph and perform solo. You need to be able to focus in both practical and theory and attend extra rehearsals after school.
What trips/ activities will you be involved in?
Rambert Trip to The Lowry MC&MA Contemporary Dance Group Opportunity to visit New York.
What college courses/job opportunities would this help you follow in the future?
A-Level Dance, A Level theatre/performance studies, Level 3 Dance, Private dance school- Rambert, Hammond etc.                                                  Professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, freelance dance artist, dance critic, dance journalist, movement therapist
How will this course help you to get a job?
As well as learning Dance skills the GCSE also offers the opportunity to build your confidence, show your commitment by attending rehearsals and practising, becoming a team worker and having a creative approach to situations.
Who can you speak to for more information or if you have any questions?
Mrs Brandariz-Jones in the Dance Studio.
What do students who are currently studying this subject think?
Tameka –Jordan Cunliffe, "Dance helps me to find new ways to be creative.”    
Mia Evitt, “I find ways to move that I hadn't thought of before.”