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Welcome to the Physical Education Department. We offer a range of subjects that allow students to prepare for further education and the world of work. Please feel free to browse our page for further information.   We offer GCSE PE.
What trips/ activities will you be involved in?
Some of the activities you can be assessed in are:
Badminton, Trampolining, Netball, Football, Dance, Athletics, Swimming, Rock climbing, Cycling, Table Tennis
If you take part in sports outside of school please speak to the teacher as arrangements can be made for you to be assessed in these.
What college courses/job opportunities would this help you follow in the future?
A Level PE
Sports Studies
Teaching / Leisure Management /Personal Trainer / Coach / Physiotherapist
How will this course help you to get a job?
Employers like applicants who can demonstrate sound social skills, who can listen to others and show commitment.
The course will also provide you with the knowledge and understanding of how to stay fit
and healthy.
Physical Education covers a wide range of topics and skills which can be applied to everyday life and future career opportunities even those outside of sport.
Who can you speak to for more information or if you have any questions?
Mrs Watkins or any member of the PE department
What do pupils who are currently studying this subject think?
"I chose GCSE PE because I have a great passion for sport and I also like learning about how the body works."                                                                Leah Johnson Scott                                                         
"Through GCSE PE I have been able to develop my practical ability in a variety of sports such as trampolining, badminton and rock climbing”          Bayo Odutusin