Health and Social Care

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Welcome to the Health and Social Care department. We offer a BTEC Tech Level ½ Award which prepares students for further academic study and provides many transferable skills which can be of use in the future. Please feel free to browse our page for further information.   About 3 million people work in Health and Social Care, accounting for nearly one in ten of all paid jobs in the UK, with demand risking. We offer Edexcel BTEC Tech Level ½ Health and Social Care to KS4 students. The course offers a range of topics, as an introduction to vocational learning giving students the opportunity to build skills that show an aptitude for further learning in both the sector and more widely. Study of this sector at Key Stage 4 will complement GCSE study providing an opportunity for practical application alongside conceptual study.
Type of course:   BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Health and Social Care
How is the course assessed?
1 exam (1 hour each) worth 25% of course
3 coursework units 25% of course each
What topics/ units will I study?
Unit 1:  Human Lifespan Development (examination)
Unit 2:  Health and Social Care Values (coursework)
Unit 3:  Effective Communication (coursework)
Unit 4:  The Impact of Nutrition on Health and Well Being
Who would this course suit? What skills do you need ?
Someone who can work independently is self-motivated and has the ability to carry out research. You must have the ability to manage deadlines and your time appropriately.   Do you care about others? Are you interested in offering advice, care, support or medical treatment to individuals in the future? Then this might be the course for you!!
What trips/ activities will you be involved in?
Community Christmas Partry
Arts and Crafts Event
What college courses/job opportunities would this help you follow in the future?
AS Level Health and Social Care
A Level Health and Social Care
BTEC Level 2 Health and Social Care
BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care
BTEC Level 2 Childcare
BTEC Level 3 Childcare
How will this course help you to get a job?
Employers like applicants who can demonstrate sound social skills, who can listen to others, show commitment, have the ability to work, communicate and support individuals from all different types of backrounds.    
This course presents knowledge, skills and understanding in a meaningful work-related context, to allow learners to understand theory and application.                                                                                                                                                            
Who can you speak to for more information or if you have any questions?
Miss Parkinson in 2W17.
What do students who are currently studying this subject think?
Chloe Wharton, "Health and Social Care has taught me about development across the life stages and prepared me for working life in the sector."    
 Fern Smith, "I really enjoy Health and Social Care because it’s learning about real life things that can happen and how they might affect people.”