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Welcome to the Mathematics department.  We offer a range of subjects that allow students to prepare for further education and the world of work. Please feel free to browse our page for further information.
Type of course:  GCSE
How is the course assessed?
3 x exams (1 non-calculator, 2 calculator) (1.5 hours each) Either entered for higher or foundation tier.
What topics/ units will you study?
The assessments will cover the following content headings:     
Ratio, proportion and rates of change
Geometry and measures
Who would this course suit?  What skills do you need?
All students will take this GCSE, as a secure grounding in mathematics will benefit everybody. Problem solving and logical reasoning skills will help students succeed.
What trips/ activities will you be involved in?
The mathematics department runs numerous trips throughout the year. These include:  Stock Market Challenge, the UKMT Competition and various other mathematics challenges at local schools, colleges and universities.  The mathematics department also offers lunch-time Mind Sports and afterschool Code Breaking.  There are also weekly revision and homework support sessions after school.
What college courses/job opportunities would this help you follow in the future?
A good grade in GCSE mathematics will be regarded highly by all colleges, universities and potential future employers.  Students hoping to participate in further study of Science, ICT and Business will require strong mathematical skills.
How will this course help you to get a job?
Employers like applicants who can demonstrate sound numeracy skills. They are also increasingly looking for employees who can display creative and logical problem solving skills in the face of challenges.
Who can you speak to for more information or if  you have any questions?
Mr Lane in 2B8 or Mr Jones in 1B10.
What do students who are currently studying this subject think?
Victoria Halaburda, "I enjoy fractions, maths games like pyramids or squares."        
Eman Munir, “I love fractions & ratios. I can understand maths because of my teacher.”