Religious Studies

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Welcome to the Religious Studies department.
Type of course:   GCSE
How is the course assessed?
2 x examinations each worth 50% of course
Examinations are 1 hr 45 minutes each
What topics/ units will you study?
You will study two religions from a choice of seven. These will each have a 50/50 weighting
You will choose two components from
Religion and Ethics
Religion, Peace and Conflict
Religion, Philosophy and Social Justice
The course will encourage you to:
Develop your interest in, and enthusiasm for, a study of religion and its relation to the wider world,
Develop your knowledge, skills and understanding of religion by exploring the significance, impact of beliefs, teachings, sources, practices, ways of life and forms of expressing meaning,
Evaluate ethical issues, and express views using reasoned arguments,
Express your personal responses and informed insights on fundamental questions about identity, belonging, meaning, purpose, truth, values and commitments.
Who would this course suit? What skills do you need ?
Someone who enjoys debating and discussing issues, understanding different cultures within society and the world around them. You need to enjoy being able to present an argument through your writing.
What trips/ activities will I be involved in?
Trips to different religious buildings.
What college courses/job opportunities would this help you follow in the future?
Religious Studies GCSE lays a good foundation for further study of Religious Studies at A Level and related subjects including Philosophy, History, History of Art, Government and Politics, Sociology and English Literature. Career pathways including Law and Politics are accessible from this qualification.
How will this course help you to get a job?
You will acquire the basic skills needed, ready to learn more advanced and sophisticated skills at college. Employers appreciate applicants who have a wider awareness of the World and its diversity.
Who can I speak to for more information or if you have any questions?
Mrs Welsh or Mrs Fiddler