Our Staff

“This is a calm, positive learning environment where pupils have positive attitudes to learning.”  INSPECTION REPORT 2016
The Staff at The Manchester Creative and Media Academy are committed to achieving the very best for their students and strong and positive relationships are fostered between staff and students in order to enable them to work together to achieve the best in everyone.
Students’ behaviour, safety and welfare are supported through dedicated Heads of Year and Associate Heads of Year who along with the form tutor, are the main contact point for parents/carers.
Heads of Departments are responsible for the overall progress and attainment of students within particular subjects. They work closely with both the Leadership Team and the Heads of Year to track and monitor the progress of all students.
Support to learning is varied within the Academy. There is a dedicated Learning Support team who are led by the Special Educational Needs Coordinator. They focus specifically on the needs of our SEND and EAL students. Academic mentors are in place to support with specific interventions and homework support and Higher Level Teaching Assistants also offer additional support to learning programmes specifically designed to develop literacy and numeracy skills.
Attendance of our students is overseen by two dedicated attendance officers and the CLA/Student support worker also plays a key role in supporting the needs of our students. Posters are displayed around the Academy which clearly outline to both our students, staff and any visitors, who the designated persons are.
Parents/Carers are asked to familiarise themselves with our communications policy which reminds parents/carers of both their obligation and that of the Academy, to responding to any communications that are made with or from the Academy. A copy of this can be seen below.